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Sankyo Tool Co., LTD, 60-year old manufacturer and seller, renamed  "New Sankyo" for a new start in 2011. Since then, New Sankyo based on it's reach experience and accumulated performance, has strived to sharpen it's competitiveness in all aspects including quality, price and delivery. At the same time, New Sankyo is doing it's best to becoming the World's № 1 cutting tool maker by achieving complete customer satisfaction both in Japanese and global markets.

KKK product line-up consists of the following end-mill series: 


Solid carbide end-mills for Pre-Hardened Steel.

Due to new coating and new tool geometry, outstanding cutting ability and wear resistance.

Excellent performance when cutting prehardened steels, up to HRc55 which are used for molds & dies.

Solid carbide end-mills for stainless steel.

Special flute geometry and multiple helix eliminate vibrations.

Excellent performance for Stainless Steels, Mild Steels, Cast Iron, Low/Medium hardness materials under HRc40.

Solid carbide end-mills for general applications.

Designed to machine tool steels, alloy steels, mold steels and other hardened materials.

Increased production.

Solid carbide end-mills for high-hardened steels.

Excellent wear resistance and outstanding protection for chipping of cutting edges due to special configuration.

Suitable for high hardened steels over HRc50.

Solid carbide end-mills for aluminium.

Suitable for high speed machining in aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

Mirror surface - Excellent surface finishes.

Superior chip evacuation.

Reduces chipping of corner edges.

HSS end-mills.

General purpose, Non-coated, Any coating available (TiN, TiCN, TiALN).

HSS ASP60 end-mills for general steels.

Protect Carbide chipping problems under vibrations.

Better performance than Coated Solid Carbide End Mills.                                      

Better Hardness, Better Toughness than HSS Co8.

Solid carbide end-mills for non-ferrous metal.

High quality DLC coating applied.

Suitable for nonferrous metals such as copper, copper alloys and nonmetals such as soft graphite, glasses, GFRP etc.

Solid carbide end-mills for for Graphite, Plastics, Non-ferrous Metal.

High quality diamond coating.

Suitable for Graphite, reinforced plastics, nonferrous metal etc.

Available high feed cutting and improvement of productivity due to 4 flute ball end mills.

Center match type to improve surface roughness.

CBN End-mills for High-Hardened Steels up to HRc70. 

Machinng high hardness materials HRc50 to HRc70 into finish process for long times.

High speed cutting with 20,000rpm and over 20,000rpm of tool and supplying air mist recommended.

Good cutting ability due to negative rake angle.