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are good at inventing and manufacturing high precision tools for industrial use. From small lot to mass production, we build a manufacturing system that can correspond with customer's machine condition, customized method according to production environment.

Many of the needs that are gradually gathered from production sites and research laboratories vary from customer to customer, such as cutting performance, parts life, hardness, etc. It is really varied. By adding ingenious ideas to in-depth hearing from customers, we are sending the world's only cutting tools to the world at micro level.

Product range:


- Reasonable price. 

- Best selling items.

- Sells in sets. 


- Reasonable price. 

- Best selling items.

- Sells in sets.

- This item avoids chattering and has wide pokets of flutes to sweep out chips.
- Possible to drill feed.


- For V-groove and chamfering.
- Multi-cutter without helix flutes to keep rigidity.

- Many sizes for all kinds of materials with variable applications.
- Center drilling is not required.
- Flutes give good chip disposal.

- Configuration of tough tip with W-Angle point.
- Long flute length for cost effective, Possible to re-grind.

- For counter boring and pilotting holes.
- Additional Rudius reduce chippings and cracks.


- Multi-purpose for V-groove, chamfering, back chamfering and boring.

- Gives good performance by alternate cutting edges.

- Many sizes for all kinds of materials for T slotting.

*** Here are not all the tools presented. For more detailed information, please contact us.