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FENES S.A. is a Polish producer of cutting tools for almost 40 years. Our high quality and well known brand are the main factors attracting domestic and foreign customers.

On our offer is a wide selection of metric and inch cutting tools for metal and wood manufactured according to both European and American  standards. Beside metalworking band saw blades we produce HSS, HSS-E and PM HSS-E and VHM cutting tools. Apart from standard tools we are highly specialized in custom-made tols according to customer requirements. We offer a wide range of service, i.a.: cutting, sharpening, welding, hardening and sandblasting.

Every single product is throughly inspected by quality department and checked with a use of specialized equipment. Raw materials used in the production are supplied from reputable European producers. The company has been certified to Integrated Management System includng: the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Managemant System developed in a conformance with the standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, PN-N-18001:2004.

Our specialists provide trainings and technical advisory on tools preparation and their proper use.

FENES main products:



Machine taps for metric coarse thread.

Machine taps for metric fine thread.

Machine taps for whitworth pipe thread.

Machine taps for nut.

Hand taps for  metric coarse thread (complete set).

Hand taps for metric coarse thread (complete set).

Hand taps for metric coarse thread (complete set).

Hand taps for metric fine thread (complete set).

Hand taps for whitworth pipe thread (complete set.

General purpose screwing dies for metric coarse thread. 

HSS and VHM drills:

- HSS twist drils with straight shank, grinded. 

- HSS twist drills with Morse taper shank, grinded. 

- VHM twist drills with straight shank, grinded. 

- VHM twist step-drills with straight shank, grinded. 

- VHM 3-flute twist drills with straight shank, grinded. 

Trepanning drills. 

HSS and VHM mills:

- HSS end-mills helical flute with Morse taper shank. 

- HSS end-mills helical flute with straight shank.

- HSS ball nosed end-mills with straight shank.

- HSS end-mills universal with straight shank.

- HSS roughing end mills, with Morse taper and straight shank.

Shell end mills with keyslot.

Involute gear cutters.

- VHM end-mills for various kinds of applications. 

HSS and VHM reamers:

Hand taper pin reamers.

Finishing hand reamers.

Chucking reamers with Morse taper shank.

Finishing chucking reamers with staight shank.

Finishing shell reamers.

Core drills, short with Morse taper shank.

Bridge reamers with Morse taper shank.

Chucking reamers.

Stub reamers. 



- NC Center-drills


- Cylinder burrs.

Ball nosed cylinder burrs.

Ball nosed tree burrs.

Tree burrs.

Ball nosed cone burrs.

Flame burrs.

Ball burrs.

Oval burrs.


- Countersinks 60º.

3-flute countersinks 90º.

Countersinks 120º.

Solid pilot counterbores with straight shank.

Solid pilot counterbores with Morse taper shank.


- Bi-metal band saw blade.

- Carbide tipped band saw blade. 

Monolithic band saw blade. 


- For rip-sawing.

For cross-cuting.


For rip-sawing with the feed limiter.

For rip-sawing with multiblade sawing machines.

For sawing of laminated board and MDF.